Project Mu HC800 Brake Pads are a premium performance street, race, and rally brake pad. HC800 Brake Pads have more bite than both NS400 and B-Spec and has excellent fade resistance. Capable of operating at temperatures up to 800° (1,472°f), this pad will handle almost all serious braking conditions. Along with temperature capabilities, HC800 is characterized as a “drivers pad” with unmatched driver feel and control. HC800 is a genuine ‘crossover’ pad suitable for both road and race. It is extremely capable in competition environments, so use this pad if you are involved in serious track day, rally, etc.

Compound – Hyper Carbon NS
Rotor Temp – N4 0-800° C (0-1472°F)
Friction – 0.43-0.58μ
Applications – Track Day, Rally, Performance Driving, AutoX

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